Queensland's timber industry employs around 10,000 people and delivers a $3.2 billion output.

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Forest & Timber Industry Plan

Plan development

A Forest and Timber Industry Plan Working Group comprising Timber Queensland, key industry stakeholders, and DAFF representatives was formed to develop the Timber Industry Plan and ensure broad stakeholder buy in and ownership of the Plan.

The Plan development process involved five key stages:

Stage 1: Preparation of an Industry Situation Analysis

For strategic planning it is important to have a sound understanding of the current industry situation. That is, the structure and operations of the industry, its products, its markets, its influences and challenges - and the trends in all these areas.

The industry situation analysis started the Plan development process, and provided the basis for interaction with industry players to identify the key industry challenges and articulate a future vision and ‘roadmap’ for action.

Queensland Forest & Timber Industry Situation Analysis - 2012
Download (PDF)

Stage 2: Initial Stakeholder Consultation and Input

Comments on the situation analysis, identification of key industry challenges, and input and comment on the appropriate collective strategies and actions to address these challenges will be gathered from a broad cross-section of industry participants via:

  • An industry survey open to input from all interested parties;
  • individual stakeholder discussions, and
  • industry sector forums.

An industry leaders forum was held on Thursday 30 August to present information and insights to assist in forecasting Industry's future and to discuss key issues to address in the Plan. The presentations delivered were (click on title to download):

Situation Analysis: a snapshot of Queensland’s timber industry in 2012 - Jim Burgess, Timber Queensland & Barry Underhill, DAFF

Queensland in 2040: the who, what, where, why and how of population and housing- Bernard Salt, Demographer, KPMG

Housing Trends towards 2040 - Geordan Murray, Economist, HIA

 International Wood Supply: where are world trends headed? - Doug Parsonson, Vice-President, Poyry

 Stage 3: Preparation of Draft Plan

A draft Plan was developed by the Working Group from the input collected from Stage 2. It identifed practical and pragmatic collective strategies and actions to respond to the key industry challenges and impediments, taking account of the resources available within government and industry that can be marshaled to respond to these issues, as well as the policy direction and focus of the Queensland Government.

 Stage 4: Industry Consultation on Draft Plan

The draft Plan was circulated to a broad industry audience to ensure that industry stakeholders felt that the Plan addresses the right needs and priorities. This process also built industry understanding of, support for and ownership of the Plan.

Stage 5: Finalise Plan and Commence Implementation

A final draft Plan was prepared by 30 November 2012 and was provided to both industry, government and other stakeholders for final comment and endorsement.