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Company Overview

Timber Queensland is the peak timber industry body in Queensland.  With origins stretching back to 1938, our name is synonymous with impartiality and authority.

We are a commercially-minded, non-profit industry association representing the interests of our members. Our unique and diverse membership base consists of timber businesses from plantation growers, harvesters, sawmillers and merchants through to timber users including manufacturers, architects and builders.

Timber Queensland, on behalf of our members, works to gain the support of politicians, government departments, employer and environmental groups.  We are committed to creating greater public and political awareness of the forest and timber industries, and the valuable economic and environmental contribution they make to Queensland.

A key role of Timber Queensland is to support and encourage the development and expansion of the forest and timber industries as a means of securing the long-term business viability of our members.

Our Profile
Get an overview of who we are, our capabilities and how we intend to lead the industry into the future.

Our Board
Listings of our Board members, their names, titles, appointments and qualifications.

Our Staff
Find out about structure, staff and some of our key organisational divisions.

Our Members

Timber Queensland’s members come from a broad range of industry backgrounds and areas of expertise.

Our Associate Sponsors

Timber Queensland is grateful for the commitment and support our 2016-2017 Annual Associate Sponsors provide Queensland's forest and timber industry.