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Latest News and Events

  • Tall timber building research and transform the Queensland skyline

The Queensland timber industry has welcomed the opening of the Centre for Future Timber Structures (CFTS) at the University of Queensland, and the important role it can play in facilitating the greater use of timber in high rise housing and commercial buildings. Read more

  • Forest Industry Advisory Council transformative report released

Australia's Forest Industry Advisory Council (FIAC) have released a new plan for the transformation of the Australian forest products industry. Read more

  • Brighter outlook for Queensland's forest and timber industry

With a record breaking year in new housing activity in Queensland in 2015, innovations in wood technology and new laws allowing taller timber buildings, the future for the State’s forest and timber industry is looking brighter. Read more

  • Forestry bioenergy must be part of Queensland's renewable energy future

The Queensland timber industry has called on the Queensland Government to ensure forestry biomass is fully utilised and promoted in the State’s renewable energy future. Read more

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