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  • Register now for Glulam Timber: Long, Strong & Reliable

    This seminar is an opportunity for delegates to hear engineering, architecture and certification experts give practical advice for using glulam to deliver impressive, cost effective, and structurally sound projects. This event is a must attend for developers and building and design professionals who want to orient their building practices towards the future and learn how to think differently about new construction methods. Register now
  • Register now for From Tree to Truss: the Lifecycle of a Timber Product 

    Timber Queensland & Series Partner Hyne Timber present the second in a series of technical webinars. Improve your understanding of the fascinating, sustainable process of manufacturing timber from tree to finished product. Learn the principles and practices behind sustainable forest management and how modern manufacturing processes ensure nothing from logs are wasted. Register now
  • Timber Queensland updates recommended practices for building timber decks

    Marking the time of year when Queenslanders are encouraged to check the structural integrity of their decks and balconies before a summer of outdoor entertaining, Timber Queensland will announce updates to their recommended practices for building residential timber decks at a seminar “Timber Floors and Decks: Reducing Risk” in Brisbane on 17 September. Read more
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