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Timber is the only material to naturally store and lock away carbon.


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  • Design & Build: Timber floors, decks & battens - 25 February 2016

Achieving client satisfaction for timber floors, deck and battens in the short term is relatively easy as the products look excellent when first installed, but there are many things to consider – species selection, installation, connections and finishes – to maintain an attractive appearance and deliver maximum service life. Register now

  • Funding avaliable -  Chain of Custody Certification Support Scheme

The Queensland Government and Timber Queensland’s Chain of Custody Support Scheme assists businesses with obtaining Chain of Custody certification for the processing and selling of certified timber grown in Queensland. Read more

  • New Timber Plantation Operations Code of Practice for Queensland

Queensland timber plantation owners and operators can now access the Timber Plantation Operations Code of Practice for Queensland, a guide that outlines how to comply with all laws and with accepted principles for sound plantation management. Read more.

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