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Final Report and Maps

The Northern Forestry & Forest Products Industry Situation Analysis final overview and opportunities report is now available and it should be read in conjunction with the literature review, review of indigenous forestry in northern Australia, regional workshop reports included as appendices.

The study has identified the Northern Australian forestry and forest products industry could potentially treble its production value to up to $300 million per annum and create 600 new jobs over the next five to ten years. 

The report found the sector could make these increases through the sustainable management of northern forestry areas for timber harvesting and within a framework which conserves the natural values of the forest. 

The reports six recommendations that can deliver future industry growth

With forecast increases in demand for forest products both domestically and globally, the industry is poised to take advantage of growing Asian and domestic markets for a range of plantation wood fibre and timber products.  The report outlines key actions to facilitate growth to meet this market demand:

  1. utilise the newly formed industry and cross-jurisdictional agency alliance to promote forest sector development across Northern Australia 
  2. promote indigenous forestry development through better engagement models and commercial arrangements between industry and indigenous landowners, and build indigenous forestry capacity and understanding of commercial forest resources, including forest resource inventory 
  3. develop secure access arrangements for supply from crown native forest land (i.e. leasehold) in northern Queensland 
  4. develop a market research study into the potential supply and demand for wood products from Northern Australia, including key markets and supply chain needs (e.g. regional infrastructure) 
  5. assess silvopastoral opportunities (i.e. integrated forestry and livestock production) as a vehicle for new commercial tree plantings 
  6. review Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) barriers to carbon market access for forestry activities, with priority on the ‘water rule’ requirement for new plantations

Final ReportNorthern Forestry & Forest Products Industry Situation Analysis 

Media Release Northern Australian forestry industry could treble production value within next decade

Below are links to maps referenced in the Final Report: 

Forests in northern Australia, by forest type

Forests in northern Australia, by forest subtype

Forests in northern Australia, by forest tenure

The Indigenous forest estate, by land ownership and management category for northern Australia

Native forest available for commercial wood production in northern Australia