Queensland's timber industry exports $160 million annually.

Timber Queensland

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Growing & Producing Timber


Plantation Development

The majority of Queensland's 234,000 hectare plantation estate was established by the Queensland Government in various stages between 1930 - 1980.


Size, type and location

Queensland has the largest forested land area in the country, but only the fifth largest plantation estate, representing around 12% of Australia’s plantations.


Environmental benefits

Queensland’s timber plantations are a clean, sustainable income producing industry; they are also part of the climate change solution.                                                             

Plantation planning assessments code

Local Governments can determine what level of assessment is required for new timber plantation developments in their area.                                                 

Timber plantation operations code of practice

This new code of practice provides guidance for all parties with an interest in commercial timber plantations in Queensland.

Plantation ownership & investment

The high costs involved in establishing new plantations are a challenge for typical investors.                                                   

Community impacts & partnerships

Community attitudes towards timber plantation development are strikingly diverse.                                                             


Interested in establishing a plantation on your property?  Want to object to a plantation establishment?                                                            

Plantations in tropical cyclonic areas of Queensland

Plantations growers in northern regions of Queensland should ensure they are familiar with best practice guidelines for establishing and managing plantations in tropical cyclonic areas.